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Secrets of Utrecht

€ 13,50


Most tourists only do standard stuff; Dom Tower, wharves, cheese shops and other things in plain sight. But NOT the secrets...
This book contains the ins and outs of Utrecht that even most locals don't know. After reading this book you 'can talk all locals under the table', understand this and other Dutch sayings and a bit of Dutch culture. Although the book lists some addresses and opening hours, it is all about the stories and the myths. Get your mainstream information on-line and save your money for this plunge into a medieval world full of remarkable stories, magical mysteries and hilarious fun facts.

Do you want to be a regular tourist or a scavenger hunter going after all the details and secrets? Do you want to come home with just pictures of the Dom Tower, or do you also want to know what exactly is on top of it? This book will help you turn a regular city trip into an amazing adventure. Order it know!


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